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I grew up in a small town in Haryana (India) in a joint family. Building something has always fascinated me. Be it mechano set or some crazy objects with lego blocks. Love for Mathematics, Physics and more importantly "earning money" motivated me to pursue engineering making me a member of the rat race for one of the toughest examinations in the world. Enters IIT Jodhpur Computer Science!

Met many crazy people there. Realized that life is much more than this. This freedom resulted in a boom for my learnings. Be it technical or grit. Headed Counselling Service in the undergrad which taught me complex things like empathy, emotions and anxiety. Things which I barely understood. Learnt development and found my peace! Made great apps and products. Not to forget the multiple freelancing projects to pay the final semester party bills. It woke the traveler inside me and I realized how less we know of the world. Its by travel only you get to experience the new things and it brings the much needed thing - change. I Love talking to new people for one of the best conversations happen with them! Have backpacked about 13 states in India and want to catch them all soon.

One thing I believe - If you want to solve something and its a problem for you, just build it! No excuse will justify this. Also, start ignoring the haters.

If you are this far reading this, then we should definately catch up! Any pub in Bangalore or connect socially! Life happens in these random Conversations!

At this moment, I am building InfluencerBit where we are automating Word of Mouth marketing for brands.

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